Amber ring made in Sterling silver




Product Description

This beautiful oxidised Sterling silver ring has an amazing Opal from Chiapas, Mexico.

All silver is marked 925.


All sizes available, the one from the photo es size 9.5


Although there are amber deposits in several parts of the world, Chiapas amber is special. In its natural state it is found in yellow-, red- or gold-colored nodes inside sandy, calcareous marine strata and layers of lignite in geological formations dating from the end of the Oligocene and the beginning of the Miocene epochs, from between 22.5 to 26 million years ago. Researchers have determined that its paleo-botanical origin was the resin of a legume called the Hymenaea, an ances- tor of the tree known locally as the guapiñol. 

Lynneth S. Lowe

Amber from Chiapas