Earrings with old coin and lovebirds


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These earrings are just great, they have three different coins from Mexico. Lovebirds on tip are kissing, which means the lady who weras them is engaged or married. I have included a small flower made in repoussé technique.
About the coins
The first is a 1952 25¢, the second 10¢ with the Mexican eagle , third is a 1943’s 20¢ coin. It is very interesting all coins have The Phrygian cap (bonnet) or revolutionary cap symbol of freedom . Rays and the word Liberty. Same thing with the 20¢ coin . Gorro frigio with liberty rays.
In Mexico it was used for the first time in coveted coins of 8 Reales (Royal) in 1823. It kept on including the cap(bonnet) frigio in the coins of all the denominations of Reales(Royal) and Republican Shields(Escudos); in many of the federal pieces of copper ; in several denominations of the Decimal System and of the XXth century. The cap(bonnet) was used for last time in 1974, in the 20 Cents coin made of bronze. It had the Teotihuacan pyramid and between the number “20”, frigio shining.
Some differences might appear, earrings are handmade.

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Dimensions 8 cm